Hand Lotion Bars

HandLotionHiya Lovies!

I know it’s late, but this is so great for winter skin!  Solid hand lotion bars are wonderful.  You hold one, and let your warmth melt it up a bit, and then you have the lotion to make your cracked, winter hands feel so much better!

Better yet, prevent the ugliness of cracked hands!

Here we go!

Figure your amounts for one oz. per bar.  I’m going to figure 10 bars per recipe.

5 oz shea butter
5 oz beeswax pellets (please don’t get a block…it’ll take you until June to melt it)
Melt the above gently until totally liquid.
1 Tbsp tapioca starch (or cornstarch, if you must)
10 drops fragrance or essential oil (whatever you want to smell like)

Blend the above thoroughly, melting in the microwave as necessary to get everything incorporated.  It needs to be liquid, but not scalding hot.  If it’s too hot, the starch will sink down and separate when you mold it.  So make sure everything’s well incorporated and not too hot to stay that way, then pour into your little 1 or 2 oz molds (there are tons on Amazon or WholesaleSuppliesPlus.com, if you need molds).

Some folks just let them solidify on the counter, but I put them in the freezer to prevent any separation.  In an hour or so (freezer time), they’re ready!


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