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Mixin’ It Up!


They say there’s more than one way to skin a cat.

I’m not a big fan of skinless cats, and it can’t be terribly comfortable for them either, so let’s have none of that.

There’s also more than one way to make soap!  My main method is cold process.  It allows me to use my slab mold and play with design and texture on the largest surface of the soap.  It makes for very fluid swirls and all manner of yummy looks.

Peep, if you will, the following examples:


ChristmasRosemaryVanillachocolateSpiced Apple

The only down side to the cold process method is the time it takes for these beauties to be cured and ready.  After I get ’em looking like what you just peeped, I must wait 4 to 6 weeks before they’ve reached a full cure!  Since 4 to 6 weeks is not now, and I’m a big, BIG fan of now,  I’m glad to say there’s a quicker method!

Hot process soapmaking is a different way to get the same product.  The lather, the fragrance, the cleansing qualities are all the same.  The look, however, is different!  I do hot process in a log or loaf mold, which makes a big ol’ hunk o’ soap that gets sliced into bars.  With this process, I can play with the design on the INSIDE of the soap, rather than the large surface area!  Peep on:

RosyCheekHPManly Grunting Man SoapDSCN1020[1]CocoNuts 

Number one awesomeness about the hot process method is the speed.  Once it’s cut and trimmed, it can be used immediately!  I like to give it a few days to firm up a bit, but it’s completely saponified during “the cook”.  I actually cook the soap through the cure before I add the color and scent, coconut milk or oatmeal or any other fun stuff.  I can even wash my pot with what’s left in it when I’m done!

There’s an element of mystery and fun involved too, because I never REALLY know what it’s going to look like until the next day, when I unmold and slice it!

Thanks to the hot process method, I’ve been able to keep my stock going through the mad holiday rush!  I plan to make both hot and cold process soaps for all or most of my recipes from here on out, rush or no rush!

You can see all the different “versions” of each soap in the product gallery on each item’s page, and take comfort in the fact that if something sells out, it won’t be a month or more before you see it again!

I love this stuff…



Why Natural Soap? What’s the Diff?

Patchouli Herbal
There are lots of differences, but the most important has to do with glycerin.  Glycerin is what gives soap its “slip” and moisture.  It’s the element in professional shaving soaps that make that lather result in a good shave.
Commercial soap companies extract the natural glycerin from their soap and sell it to lotion companies, or use it in their own lotion products if they have them.  That’s why commercial soaps are so drying.
Handmade soap retains all its natural glycerin content, so it’s never drying.  Because I use only handmade soap, my need for lotion has diminished dramatically, and I haven’t purchased shaving cream since I tested my first handmade bar.
The other differences are pretty obvious…commercial soap uses synthetic chemicals for lather, fragrance, and handmade soaps are very often all-natural or even entirely organic.
Ours are usually 100% organic, with the exception of a few natural fragrance oils which I will occasionally use instead of an organic essential oil.  Mine are also always vegan.  No animal products.
Those are the major differences.  Isn’t soap educational?