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Welcome!  I’m Maggie, your bubbly hostess.

For Goodness Soap is a natural soap and spa products company.  Everything we offer is handmade and uses the best natural ingredients, from our 30+ varieties of artisan soaps to our lotion bars, body butters, bath products, scrubs, masks, and everything else.  Take a look at the Shop tab to see all the goodies.HandLotion

I’m also proud to have a blog where I post recipes for household products you can make yourself.  Everything from window spray and floor cleaner to homemade mineral makeup and tooth powder.  There’s always more for me to learn, develop and share.





Some of the posts are about the products and what goes into them, and once I posted one about my birthday party in my (then) new soaping room!

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How did I get started?


A bunch of years ago I was looking for ways to save money because, well, I didn’t have any.  So I began formulating recipes for my own cleaning products.  The one thing I couldn’t make was the castile soap I needed for my laundry detergent.  “How hard could it be?” I asked myself.Castile7

Trying my hand at soap was daunting, but fun.  I loved the science-y aspect of it…I got to be a big ol’ nerd and make prettiness at the same time.  Score!  Once I got the hang of castile, I started playing with my own soap recipes…changing the levels of the various oils based on what they do for the finished product (lather, moisturizing, cleansing, conditioning, firmness, etc.).


Whipped Body Butter

After that, I perfected my shampoo bar recipe…then my baby soap…then lotions, masks, spa stuff…then liquid soap entered the scene.

It got big very quickly, with a new idea always around the corner, and it’s still that way today.


So have a great time while you’re here.  Poke around all you like–and enjoy!  If you like what you see, whack that Facebook button up there on the right  😉


In closing, here is a picture of me and my kiddos and a pile of concrete patio parts, as a shameless attempt to use the cuteness of my offspring to make you say “Awwww” and smile and like my website.  Who cares if the oldest is studying to be a chef, the middle one just started college and the baby is a junior in high school now?  Aren’t they sweet?