Stuff You Can Make Yourself: Fizzing Toilet Bombs


Hey there, simmer down!  It’s not really a bomb!  It’s a cute little cleaning aid for a porcelain throne near you!

What do they do?  Well, you drop one of these cuties into the can/bog/terlet/whatever your favorite term, and let it fizz itself out.  Then brush out the bowl as usual.  No vinegar necessary.  I keep mine in a pretty dish in the bathroom, and they smell nice and fresh even just sitting there!  Here’s the recipe:

–1 1/3 cup Baking Soda

–1/2 cup Citric Acid (look in the canning section of your local grocery store)

–30 drops Lavender Essential Oil

–30 drops Peppermint Essential Oil

–30 drops Lemon Essential Oil

Combine oils first, then mix them with the baking soda.  Add citric acid last.  Whisk the heck out of it!

When you pick some up in your hand, you should be able to make a clump…a dry-feeling clump…by squeezing it in your fist.  Give it a very light spray of water if necessary to get it to a moldable consistency.  You don’t want it to feel cold or damp, you just want it to stick together.

I used some of my fancy guest soap molds to shape these beauties, but you could use a mini muffin tin, ice cube trays, or anything you like.  Press the mix into the mold firmly, brushing off the excess for a nice flat base surface.  Let it sit for a few minutes, then take a flat baking tray or plate, cover the mold, and flip them over together, so nothing drops out.  Carefully lift the mold, pressing the cavities if necessary to get the little guys out.  Give them a day to dry nicely, and you’ll be able to handle them, pile them in a dish, etc.

I love how my bathrooms smell since I started keeping these around.  Since they’re so handy and easy to use, the toilet gets cleaned more often, too! They are da BOMB!

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