Stuff You Can Make Yourself: Dusting Spray


Hey there Folks!

Note:  This is not a furniture polish!  This is a cleaning and dusting spray that will allow you to toss the cans of chemicals!

I recommend spraying this directly on your duster or cloth.  It won’t hurt your furniture if you spray directly onto the wood, but it’ll do it’s job better from the duster.

2 cups distilled water (tap is ok, but it has its own chemicals and buggies in it, so I always use distilled)
1/4 cup white vinegar
2 teaspoons olive oil (or sweet almond, which I prefer)
10 drops lemon essential oil

Pop all that stuff into a plastic spray bottle, and shake before each use, as the oils will rise to the top.

Not that anyone has time to dust, really, but this is great stuff!

Enjoy, and watch out for those vicious dust bunnies!

3 Responses to Stuff You Can Make Yourself: Dusting Spray

  1. Regina says:

    Hey FGS, could you share a recipe for bathroom cleaning? My teen was interested. Thanks!

    Love your stuff!

    • Sure! Besides the ones I have for tub scrub, glass cleaner, and floor cleaner, which all work wonderfully in the bathroom, I have a few more tricks up my sleeve!
      For surfaces, I just use my glass cleaner. It works great!
      For the…ahem…”porcelain throne”, I pour a few blubs (around a cup or so) of white vinegar in there, swish it around, then sprinkle baking soda around in there. Then I scrub while it’s fizzing!

      For the shower curtain, I like straight white vinegar in a spray bottle. Soak that thing and let it sit for a while, then brush or wipe it clean. It works as a preventive shower spray too! Just lightly spray the curtain and tub down with plain white vinegar after the last person has showered for the day.

      I hope these help!

  2. PS: Regina, how on earth did you get your teen interested in cleaning bathrooms? She can come over any time! 😉

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