Exfoliating Scrub/Body Polish

Exfoliating Body PolishDARLINGS!!

Here’s another lovely recipe for you to use, and this one is much easier than most!

I’m going to set this one at 8 oz of finished product, but you can do this in any amount.  Go crazy, you wonderful people!

This is a scrub that works for body and face.  You just use it on any skin you happen to have!

4 oz granulated sugar
4 oz sea salt (or table salt if you want…works just as well)
1 oz sweet almond oil (enough to moisten, but not enough to pool at the top of the mixture after you let it sit after mixing.  If it pools, add more salt, a tsp. at a time, until it’s not pooling.  You want it to look like sand at the beach, that has enough water in it to make a castle, but not so much water as to make that castle smoosh.)
10 drops fragrance or essential oil (your choice, but make sure it’s skin friendly!)

That’s it, baby!  I love this stuff.  When you use it, make sure your hands are wet.  Scrub away!  If your hands are wet, the granules will dissolve and you won’t be able to over-scrub and hurt yourself!


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