Clays…Let’s Play In The Mud!


I live South of the Mason-Dixon line, so I’m no stranger to clay.  It’s all around me!  The dirt is red, and if you’ve ever tried to plant anything in it, you know what a pain in the neck (and back and arms) it can be!

What I’ve found, however, is that certain types of clay are super-great for your skin!

Clay is non-irritating, it draws toxins from your skin, it provides very gentle exfoliation and even has antibacterial properties, so it’s a must-have in many of my products.  I use two types:  Bentonite Clay and Kaolin Clay.

Bentonite is gray, Kaolin is white.

I use bentonite and kaolin in my gentle facial mix (now available here).  It’s great for everything from acne to wrinkles, and you can use it as a quick scrub or leave it on as a mask for 20 minutes or so if you want more detoxification.  I love using bentonite clay in the facial mix because it’s reported to not only prevent skin problems by clearing out the toxins, but also to heal current breakouts and improve circulation.

Kaolin clay, because it’s white, is an ingredient I use alone when color is an issue.  Soap, in my opinion, should be pretty, or at least cool-looking, so when I want the benefits of clay in something but I don’t want it to turn gray, kaolin clay’s my pick.  It’s great for facial soaps and shaving soaps especially.

Why shaving soaps?  Well, I’ve found that clay gives an added “slip” to the lather which helps the razor glide more easily and comfortably on the skin.

The clay I use is also food-grade.  That’s right…some people actually use clay internally as a detoxifier and digestive aid.  I’m not there yet myself, but I do get food-grade clay for a reason.  I use it in my tooth powder.  I’ve ditched toothpaste and I make my own tooth powder.  The clay is great for gentle scrubbing and drawing impurities from the gums, tongue and cheeks.  I’ve found that all my former tooth sensitivity is gone, and I can’t wait for my next checkup to see what the dentist thinks!  I’ll probably post my tooth powder recipe one of these days under Stuff You Can Make Yourself.  Stay tuned!

There are lots of other kinds of clay…green clay has tons of iron and magnesium,  pink, black…there’s an impressive selection of dirt out there!  So let’s add some water and play in the mud!

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