Bar Shampoo! For Real!

Love your hair!
Ok, I realize that bar shampoo is a new concept for a lot of people.  Here’s a quick bar shampoo 101 for you:
First, what’s the difference between a bar of shampoo and a bar of regular natural soap?
The difference between our soaps and shampoos is mainly in the percentages of the various oils used.  For example, coconut oil is much better for the hair than olive oil, so I’ll use a higher percentage of coconut.  But it can also be drying when saponified, so I’ll go higher on natural humectant oils such as castor.  Almond, coconut, castor and jojoba are the best for shampoos, with lower percentages of necessary oils such as palm, which makes a firm, long lasting bar, with a creamy lather.  Additives are also different.  No grit or clay in shampoos, but plenty of honey, sugar, coconut milk, and things like that!  The best news is that it’s all good for the skin!
To use, wet your hair as usual, then rub the shampoo with your hands just like any other soap.  Work the lather into your hair, starting at the scalp and working through to the ends.  You might need to get another bunch on your hands if you have a lot of hair, or if you just want more lather.
Some folks even like to rub the bar right on their heads and into their hair, but I don’t find this necessary, particularly when using a coconut milk shampoo.
Bar shampoo won’t strip your hair or scalp of its natural oils, so go easy on the conditioner, if you use it at all.  I find that a simple, natural detangling solution of apple cider vinegar and warm water is sufficient for me.  I know…sounds weird.  But it works and it’s SO MUCH LESS EXPENSIVE than all those conditioners designed to put back what commercial shampoos strip out!  No, I don’t walk around smelling like a salad!
Now that you know how, wanna know why you should?
As I said up there, bar shampoo doesn’t strip your scalp of its natural oils.  When you use commercial shampoo, you strip everything out of your hair and scalp.  Seems like a good idea, but the result is that your scalp will compensate by overproducing oils.  When you switch to natural bar shampoo, it might take a few shampoos (5 to 8) for your scalp to stop overproducing oils.  Once your skin gets back to normal, what a difference you’ll see and feel!
My own experience has resulted in a number of things.  First, my hair is softer and smoother.  Second, I don’t shed nearly as much!  Third, my scalp does not itch or feel dry or irritated anymore.  I’m finally taking care of my “head skin”!!  My hair is even growing faster than it used to!  I will never use anything else!

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